RepairTv’s TV Repair Strategy:

We at RepairTv, service your television with passion. We deliver perfection integrated TV Repair home service Bangalore to our customers. RepairTv not only focus on providing TV Repair Service, but at the same time we provide complete knowledge with clarity about your device. Our team has a clear focus on providing service with rich satisfaction, along with low price.

Basically we are located in the heart of Bangalore, thus we provide on time TV Repair at home in  Bangalore. Talking about our mission, RepairTv is a direct service initiative for LED TV Repair in Bangalore. In other words, we are totally into TV Repair at home in Bangalore. We are specialist in LED TV Repair Bangalore but we undertake complete TV Service Center.

Our Vision:

Our goal is to deliver clean and clear TV Repair service Bangalore with perfection. Let’s talk about our team, we have the largest technical service experts. Who can service more than hundred LCD LED Repair in a day. In terms of experience, we are serving for more than 12 respective year’s in the market of Bangalore.

Although, we are known as Samsung TV Repair in Bangalore and sometimes Sony TV Service Center too. It’s all about the respect and prestige, which we have gained in 12 years. Now, after 12 years of experience, we have came forward into online industry to provide one click repair service in 2018.

Our Availability :

In terms of approach, we provide TV Service throughout the City, in every corner of Bangalore. Our vision is to provide the joy of repairs throughout the city, whether it’s Marathalli or Electronic City, we reach everywhere.

Recently, we have connected with almost every Television manufacturing units of India, thus we provide genuine spare parts too. And at the same time, we provide complete 1 year Assured Support Warranty on our every service.

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TV Repair : Types and Kinds of Television in Indian Market

In total, there are four varieties of TV available in Indian market today, these are LCD (LCD= Liquid Crystal Display), LED TV (LED= Light Emitting Diode), Plasma TV and the newest OLED TV (Organic Light Emitting Diode). We will explain about each of these types of TVs available in India.

LED & LCD TV followed by TV Repair:

The LED refers to ‘Light Emitting Diode’ that stands for LED bulbs that are there in an LED TV as back-light. An LED TV has an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen with LED bulbs as backlight. So basically LED TV is an combination of LCD TV which has LED bulbs as the backlight. Let us explain more clearly what LED and LCD TVs are. And how to opt TV Repair Service Bangalore.

What is LCD TV Repair Really Describes :

LCD TV Repair Bangalore describes that, LCD is a Flat TV screen which contains millions of Liquid Crystals crafted between two glass panels. This assembly is basically known as the LCD panel. When liquid crystal elements in the LCD panel are powered with electricity. LCD use particular transistors for each separate liquid crystals. The liquid crystal turns partly opaque thus only allows a particular amount of light to cross through the LCD panel.

An LCD screen does not have any light of its own. It only controls the light that actually passes from the screen. So to screen a picture on the TV display, the LCD panel needs light from other source to pass through it. The source of light is called the back-lightning. In a LCD display the backlight is powered by a CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent light). In other words, in an LED TV the backlight is produced by LED bulbs. Thus the only difference between an LCD and LED TV is the backlight source.

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Plasma TV followed by TV Repair:

By comparing a Plasma TV and LCD TV you cannot make out any difference at a glance. But both work in totally different ways. A Plasma TV contains thousands of cells filled with gas. Each contains a mixture of rare gases (neon and xenon). These cells produce light when powered with electric voltages to produce varieties colors. Each of the plasma cell pixels power up separately. It does to varying colors depending on the electric charge powered to them. Thus, its very vital task to make plasma TV Repair Service Bangalore.

Technology in Plasma’s :

Since Plasma TV pixels power their own light and colors without involving on any backlight source. The screen of the plasma TV is basically superior to that produced by an LED TV. Plasma TVs has a much higher contrast ratio figure than to an LED TV. And other advantages like good Viewing angle (clearer picture from the sides of the TV). Better motion pictures without blurring or flickering of fast moving objects. Like a bullet is shooting up from pistol. Plasma TVs are cheaper than LED TVs. The disadvantages are that it is usually heavier. It uses more electricity, the picture is not very bright so lights have to be dimmed to watch a Plasma TV.

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OLED TVs followed by TV Repair:


The latest type of TVs in India are the OLED TVs (Organic Light Emitting Diode TV). Same as a Plasma TV, the OLED backlight pixels in the TV are self-illuminating. And thus gained all the advantages of the Plasma TVs. But unlike Plasma TV, OLED TVs are actually very bright. And can be screened in bright lit rooms. Theoretically, OLED TVs should also be subject to the ‘Burn-in’ problem. Same which the Plasma TV suffers from. Thus, this is not much successful in Indian market nowadays. And quite difficult in terms of TV Repair Service.

TV Repair


TV Repair : How it Works?

RepairTv basically works on some basic policies & fundamentals for TV Repair Service Bangalore. Basic fundamentals are as follows :

  • Though we provide only Doorstep Service, any direct repair to service center will not be entertained.
  • And we provide certified, trained and background verified technicians to customer’s doorstep. Who inspect complete television on service against basic inspection charge of Rs. 300 only.
  • Technician will repair your Television there in your place itself. In case of any major repair’s and replacements. Your Television will be carried down to our service center. And will be redelivered within 48 hours, provided with Warranty.
  • Service center will provide proper genuine spare parts in case of replacements. In case customer provide parts from there own, RepairTv will not provide Warranty for it.
  • Inspection charge will be waived off in case customer is availing our service. Instead customer need to pay transportation charges as advance from total bill.
  • Screen Panels are not usually available in market. And original piece from company costs almost of a new TV, thus we don’t replace display panels on demand.

TV Repair Policies are as follows :

  • Management can ask for extra time for re-delivery in case parts are not available. Because we don’t entertain any biased parts from local market.
  • Warranty segment have some policies. In case it doesn’t meet in time of claiming warranty, provided warranty will void.
  • In order to avail re-service, customer need to provide Warranty card during the time they claim Warranty.
  • Complete 1 year support Warranty for whole Television. And additional warranty for parts provided by company.
  • Cannot cancel appointment once our technician reach there place. We confirm before delivering TV Repair home service Bangalore technicians. Till that time only they can cancel.
  • In case your Television is under manufacturing Warranty. RepairTv won’t entertain any repairs. It will void manufacturing Warranty.
  • Our operations are limited to TV Repair only. We don’t sell, exchange or purchase any TV.
  • Pricing of  TV Repair Service will be purely based on damaged components. Service charges and transportation charges. We technically charge the lowest price in the market.

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 Problems occur in Televisions & TV Repair Solution:

In today’s Indian market, LCD’s and LED’s are the most common available Television segment. Thus in this topic we will consider LCD & LED. Where we will discuss about problem’s which need TV Repair service. And their estimated solutions. Here, we will provide information based on surveys and research. Actual solution may vary.

Problems that really ask for TV Repair: 

  1. Back-light Issue:- The most common and happening problem of LED’s these days. In this issue, the back-lighting operation of LED TV doesn’t work properly. It tends to make several screen and display issue. Its quite common in every LED screens these days. And usual to repair as well. But the reasons are not that common, the problem may occur for many reasons. Sometimes due to mishandling, due to electric fluctuation, rebooting frequently and many more. But the symptoms stay same. We will discuss about the symptoms in our very next topic of LED TV Repair in Bangalore.TV Repair
  2. PCB (Printed Circuit Board):- PCB is basically known as Main Board of Television. In other words, it is Mother board of any Television set. It controls complete functionality of Television. It is programmed in order to control total supply of input & output. It is of video, audio, VGA, graphics, color, multimedia, processing, cooling, connectivity, power, software operation, networking & core memory. Hence, it is main system operator of any Television. Thus any problem related to input & output of above mentioned operations. Directly relate of PCB failure. Which implies it is either dead or irrationally got shot by circuit media.TV RepairTV Repair
  3. SMPS ( Switch Mode Power Supply):-

    Commonly known as Inverter board. SMPS is an electronic power supply that incorporates a switching regulator, In order to convert electrical power efficiently & effectively. Like other power supplies, an SMPS transfers power from a DC or AC source (often mains power) to DC loads. Such as a personal computer, while converting voltage and current structure. Unlike a linear power supply. The pass transistor of a switching-mode supply continually switches between low-dissipation. Full-on and full-off states. And wastes very little time in the high dissipation transitions. Which reduce wasted energy. SMPS failure directly turns the Television into dead mode. No power supply, hence it doesn’t even turn on. TV Repair

  4. T-Con Board :- T-Con board refers to timing control board. It basically does all video controlling operations. This board controls whole functionality of display screen. It converts video electric signal from PCB to display module language. Which display back-lit system understands & behaves as directed. Back-lit operations are directly supported & coordinated by T-Con Board itself. Hence, if anything goes wrong with display picture portion. Backlight area & screening portion. It points that there might be any T-Con board failure as preferred by LCD TV Repair Bangalore. TV RepairTV Repair
  5. Display Panel :-

    Flat-panel displays are electronic screening system. Used to enable people to see contents with still images, moving images, text, or other visual material. With quality in a range of varieties of shapes and sizes. They are far lighter and thinner than traditional cathode ray tube (CRT) television sets. And video displays and are usually less than 10 centimetres (3.9 in) thick. They came up in order from Ordinary, HD Ready, Full HD, Ultra HD (4K), Curve OLED and 3D. Any problem related to display screen misbehavior. Is directly associated with display panel. But may or may not be associated with T-Con board.TV Repair

  6.  Sensor Issue :- Sensor is basically known as the infrared adapter. Which controls wireless connectivity with remote. It functions as a controlling body. Which receives digital wireless signals from remote & performs as directed. It actually controls all basic features. Which are present in remote. Thus, any malfunction in sensor board, makes TV go crazy. Audio, input, channel router, buttons, video and everything starts misbehaving. TV Repair
  7. Button Faults :- 

    Button’s are usually a included control segment of Television. It have some basic units of control, like power,volume,channel,input & enter. It usually works with a small circuit board. Connected via sensor board. But sometimes buttons got pressed or damaged. Its a common fault caused by mishandling. TV Repair

  8. Panel Broken :- Flat panels are the most vital part of Television & most sensitive too. They are the display screens which allows you to view motion pictures into it. It costs 80% of total value of Television. Thus, we will discuss about how to fix it, in our next topic. TV Repair
  9. Software Issue :- 

    Software represents operating system of Television. Like, Windows in Computers. There are several software developed by manufacturing companies. Which is stored in Master IC of PCB Board. It allows you to operate complete Television function. Sometimes due to external bleach or virus, it got damage. At that point, software issue comes. It start misbehaving, flickering and stand-by, by default. TV Repair

Solutions for TV Repair:

  1. Back-light issue :- Backlight issue can be repaired by replacing the back-lit LED strip set. When an back-lit issue encounter’s, it direct tend to fuse back-lit LED bulbs. Thus the first and foremost step is to replace back-lit strips connected with LED bulbs. After that, we need to inspect what is the reason behind this back-lit failure. The most happening reason used to be, T-Con Board malfunction. If its a T-Con board problem, then company recommends to change T-Con board. Otherwise, it may effect Display panel. Thus, basically complete back-light issue solution is to replace T-Con board and LED strips at the same time as directed by LED TV Repair in Bangalore.TV Repair
  2. PCB Issue (Printed Circuit Board):- 

    PCB refers to Main Controller Board or Motherboard technically. Thus any problem occurred in PCB can turn complete Television into disaster. PCB’s comprises of many micro components. And every component is designed & programmed to do different job’s. If any one component from PCB becomes isolated, it may effect the complete functionality. And as per company directions, PCB always recommended to replace. As and when encountered any issue. Otherwise, it can generate opposite power supply. Which can damage whole Television. Hence, its preferred to replace PCB every-time by LCD TV Repair Bangalore. TV Repair

  3. SMPS Issue ( Switch Mode Power Supply):- 

    SMPS regulates main power supply system in an programmed way. But sometimes, due to electric fluctuation. High voltage supply & home electric supply malfunction. SMPS used to break down. And there are three ways of breaking down. The first one is, due to limited high power supply, fuse become detached. Here, changing of fuse can recover SMPS easily. Second way is where, due to abnormal power supply. Some SMPS components get shot. Here, changing of those components can recover SMPS again. The most worst case is when, due to high un-grounded direct power supply. SMPS get burned. In this case, complete SMPS board need to be changed. And at the same time it might have harmed PCB too. Its complete unpredictable. TV Repair

  4. T-Con Board Issue :-  T-Con board operates complete back-lighting system in order to quality screening performance. It used to be connected with panel X-Boards. T-Con Board issue basically happens along with back-lit breakdowns or from X-board failure. T-Con board is also a printed circuit board. Thus it is not recommended to be repaired. Hence, it’s need to be replaced for safety of display panel. And continuity of viewing quality. As suggested by, TV Repair Home Service Bangalore.TV Repair
  5. Display Panel Issue :- 

    Panel is the screening system. Thus it is the most dedicated part of any Television set. Display panel acquires 80% value of the total TV. And honestly saying, no company repair display panels. According to recommended directions by LED TV Panel Repair. Display panels should not be repaired. Hence it hikes up television sale, once it is in need of repairs. Even we were not into display panel repairs before. But we started doing this after heavy request from customers. Display panels may damage from many ways, but only few of them are repairable. Anyway it can be repaired. But it need to pass from bonding process then X-boards need to be replaced. By doing this, display panels can be repaired. But excluding water damage. TV Repair

  6. Sensor Issue :-  We have discussed before, sensor plays a very vital role in Television functionality. But in case of sensor malfunction. It can be repaired easily. By simply changing some defective components in sensor board. But recommended, TV remote should also be changed with sensor board. TV Repair
  7. Button Faults :- 

    Buttons have the key role in operation of any Television. Thus it need to be in working condition anytime. Thus, in case buttons are damaged & need repairs. Yes, it is possible and in very simple way. Just by replacing button panel which is connected with sensor board. In case due to button faults sensor board is damaged. Then it can also be replaced along with that. TV Repair

  8. Panel Broken :- Display panel is the most vital & dedicated part of any Television. As we have discussed before. Its quite difficult to repair display panels. And even not recommended by manufacturers. But as it holds 80% of total value. Thus we fix some possible display repair requirements. But in case display panel is broken. Trust me there is no other option of fixing it up. You can better go for new TV instead. As suggested by TV Panel Repair.TV Repair
  9. Software Issue :- As already we have discussed about software issue. Which creates malfunction in operating system. And its a common issue in Television’s nowadays. Because of high performing virus in markets. But not to worry about it. Software can be reloaded through external up-loader. But in case, it has caused some permanent damages in Master/System IC. Then for TV’s fortune, PCB need to be replaced. TV Repair

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