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Looking for TV Repair Service with us? RepairTv is the easiest & convenient way of servicing your TV at your doorstep with complete clarity & support. RepairTv is the most leading TV Repair platform in Bangalore.  We provide doorstep LED TV repair for most brands like Philips TV repair, Onida TV repair, VU TV service, Panasonic TV service, Micromax TV service, LG TV service, Sony TV service, and Samsung TV service & others. All at low costs.

TV Repair

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1.   How to hire RepairTv experts ?

Ans: Just go to & fill the form or go to contact us page & give us a call.

2. Do they provide doorstep service?

Ans: Yes. RepairTv technicians directly come to customer’s doorstep & inspect complete television.

3. Does RepairTv assist me repairing my Television?

Ans: Yes, RepairTv provide complete true clarity of faults and information regarding repairs.

4. Do they provide Sony TV service?

Ans: Yes, RepairTv provide complete Television Service of all brands like Samsung, Sony Bravia, VU TV, Micromax, Onida, LG, Philips TV, LeEco , Panasonic, Videocon and etc.

5. Does RepairTv change motherboard?

Ans: Yes, if the motherboard is beyond repair then definitely we will provide.

6. Do you repair TV under warranty period?

Ans: No, because if we repair your TV which is under warranty then Company Warranty will void. So it’s better if you go with Company Service itself.

7.  Do RepairTv provide any Warranty after service?

Ans: Yes, we provide complete 1 year support Warranty on our every Television service. Along with that, if any part is replaced then you will be getting additional parts Warranty from company only, which is under-taken by RepairTv.

8. Does technicians bring all required materials & tools needed for repair?

Ans: Yes, they bring all portable tools & materials which is used for repairs.

9. Do you charge for inspection & diagnosis of the Television?

Ans: Yes, Rs. 300 is charged for inspection and diagnosis of your Television. However, it will be charged only if you don’t wish to avail the service. On availing the service, inspection charge will be waived off automatically.

10. Do RepairTv provide wall mounting service?

Ans: No, RepairTv don’t provide wall mounting service.

11. Do you sell spare parts?

Ans: No, we don’t directly sell spare parts. However, if any spare parts replacement is needed, we provide genuine spare parts from company only, that is also on customer’s demand.

12. Can you change the display of TV?

Ans: No, we don’t change display because it almost costs close to the price of new TV. So it will be better if you for a new TV instead.

13. How do you decide the charges for LED Repair?

Ans: The charges are decided based on the work load and components replacement.

14. Do I need to pay anything as advance?

Ans: Yes, in case you are taking service. You need to pay for transportation only. Rest after service.

TV Repair