About RepairTv

RepairTv is fully owned subsidiary of V4U Global Services. We provides complete clarity repair service of all LED, LCD and Smart television’s of all time. With perfection and along with service Warranty.

TV Service Center

The RepairTv Philosophy

  1. RepairTv is created with the burning desire, in order to provide essential television repair service in the city of Bangalore with perfection.
  2. In today’s Indian market, every television manufacturer provide’s one year warranty.  After that, they either refuse to repair them or they charge more than affordability budget of customer’s. Thus people these day’s, seeking private home service companies to avail television repair service.
  3. But that is also quite difficult in this market. As because there are few service outsourcing companies, who sell online services to repair center’s & earn brokerage in between. And it basically increases the repairing cost undertaken by vendor repair center’s, who are purchasing service from online industries.

Thus RepairTv is created to provide direct initiative service from our service center to customer’s doorstep.

People Behind RepairTv

RepairTv is a collective and ongoing endeavor of passionate technician’s, service executive’s, online developer’s and core level chip technician’s led by renowned entrepreneur Syed Jamaluddin, who has taken this initiative of direct service provider.

What RepairTv Offers

  1. RepairTv offer’s background verified, trained and certified technician’s at customer’s doorstep. Technicians basically repair minor faults there itself at spot. And in case of major repair’s and replacement’s, they carry your television to our nearest service center. And refurbish it in between 48 hour’s, provided with genuine spare parts and redeliver it to customer on time.
  2. We educate customer’s, with complete knowledge about the television they are using and the problem it is going through. So that no other fraud service provider can cheat on customer’s interest.
  3. We provide all time genuine spare parts on customer’s demand if needed.
  4. RepairTv make available of almost every accessories on customer’s demand.
  5. We assure complete 1 year support Warranty on our every television service.
RepairTv is a TV Service Center which is associated with almost every leading television manufacturing brands.

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