LED Television is a flat panel display which use LED backlighting instead of the cold cathode fluorescent (CCFL) back-lighting. LED television use the same TFT LCD (thin-film-transistor liquid-crystal display) technologies as CCFL-back-lit displays, but offer reduced energy consumption, better contrast and brightness, greater color range (using more expensive RGB LED’s, blue LED’s with RG phosphors, or quantum dot enhancement film (QDEF), more rapid response to changes in scene (with dynamic backlight dimming), and photorefractive effects. Led tv repair is most likely easy because of availability of components. As it is a new technology, so most manufacturer’s supply spare parts quickly & easily. 

A television using such a combination of an LED back-light with an LCD panel is called an LED Tv.

Led Tv Repair







Led Television Technology

TV Repair Service : LED-back-lit LCD’s are not self-illuminating . There are several ways of back-lighting an LCD panel using LED’s, including the use of either white or RGB (Red, Green, and Blue) LED arrays behind the panel and edge-LED lighting. Variations in LED back-lighting offer different benefits. This was possible because red, green and blue LED’s have sharp spectral peaks which (combined with the LCD panel filters) result in significantly less bleed-through to adjacent color channels. Unwanted bleed-through channels do not “whiten” the desired color as much, resulting in a larger gamut. RGB LED technology continues to be used on Sony BRAVIA LCD models. LED back-lighting using white LED’s produces a broader spectrum source feeding the individual LCD panel filters (similar to CCFL sources), resulting in a more limited display gamut than RGB LED’s at lower cost.

Other technology is as same as LCD-Televisions which includes several PCB’s (Printed Circuit Board), SMPS (Power Supply Board), Back-lit Board (Controls Back-lit Function) and few more.

 LED Television Repair’s

TV Repair Service : It completely depends upon the damage & reason behind it. It need to be diagnosed properly with multi-meter. And after diagnosis, actual problem will be discovered. Once the problem is detected, then it can be repaired easily. In case of any parts replacement, availability of parts need to be checked. If available, our team will provide parts to customer on demand.

Our certified technicians diagnose television on service thoroughly & reveal the actual problem on it. In case of minor repair’s, our technicians repair it there itself. In case of major repair’s, our technician carry television to our nearest service center & redeliver it within 48 hour’s. That is how RepairTv works.

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